Alhambra City Council Strategic Plan to Include “Just Cause” Eviction and Rent Control

Industry News,

On Monday, July 12th, the Alhambra City Council will consider adoption of their 2021-2022 Strategic Plan, agenda item 4. The plan includes the goal of expanding affordable housing and among the objectives to bring forward “just cause” eviction and rent control ordinances. Based on the information provided in the related chart, action has not been taken on these specific objectives at this time. To review the agenda item and related Strategic Plan chart, pages 18-28, click on the button below:


We encourage members with property in Alhambra to reach out to your Council Member and let them know that rent control is not the answer to housing affordability and increased housing supply as it will not result in the creation of a single affordable housing unit. Furthermore, rent limitations and tenant protections are already in place in Alhambra pursuant to state law, Assembly Bill 1482, so there is no need for the City to set up a costly infrastructure to administer a local rent control and tenant protection regulation.

We will be closely monitoring this issue, advocating for our members interests and providing updates.