Santa Monica Modifies Ordinance Prohibiting Smoking in the Common Areas of Multi-Unit Buildings

Posted By: Martin Makaryan Local News Alerts,

At the January 25, 2023 meeting, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance amending Section 4.44.020 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code by prohibiting smoking in the common areas of any multi-unit residential building, except for designated smoking areas as provided by Section 4.44.020, and modifying the enforcement mechanisms for violations of the smoking prohibition. The ordinance also prohibits smoking on the sidewalk, street, or other public right-of-way within twenty feet of any doorway or open window of a multi-unit housing building, except when not stationary and continuously moving through the area. The ordinance explicitly provides that violations of these provisions by a renter do not constitute grounds for eviction.

The City Staff referenced complaints by residents regarding the ineffectiveness of the current enforcement system of smoking prohibition for the adoption of this ordinance. The ordinance will take effect on February 25, 2023.

Please refer to the ordinance for more details regarding the prohibition and information regarding penalties. For members that wish to protect themselves based on these new changes by posting no-smoking signs on their properties in the relevant areas, AAGLA offers no-smoking signs available for purchase.