San Bernardino Begins Initial Discussions on Rent Regulations

Posted By: Max Sherman Local News Alerts,

Staff will present a draft “Tenant Bill of Rights” to the City Council for consideration in February 2023

At the November 16th San Bernardino City Council Meeting, the Council received a staff presentation about the statewide rent control and tenant protection law, Assembly Bill 1482 (“AB 1482”), as well as additional options that could be considered by the Council for the establishment of a local Tenants Bill of Rights. This included discussion on possible modifications to AB 1482’s relocation fee requirements to require the payment of two months’ rent for “No Fault” evictions and revisions to the vesting period for when renters would qualify for the just cause protections.

Prior to the meeting, the Association submitted a letter to the City Council expressing our strong opposition to the consideration of any form of rent control and overly burdensome related regulations as well as pointing out the dangerous, long-term impacts of implementing such measures. We urged the City Council to recognize the already robust renter protections offered in AB 1482 and to instead focus on policies that allow for the development of more rental housing. 

The Association will continue to closely monitor this matter, provide updates and strongly advocate for our members’ interests. We anticipate additional information in the new year and staff have been directed by Council to bring a draft Tenant Bill of Rights for consideration in February 2023.