Everything Apartments Podcast: Escrow and 1031 Exchange Process

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Escrow is a necessary part of a property sale and a lot goes on behind the scenes, especially if there is a 1031 exchange involved. In this episode, we visit with Laura Chambers of Long Beach Escrow and Long Beach Trading Co. Laura is an expert Escrow Officer and 1031 Exchange Accomodator and gives hints on how Buyers and Sellers can help make the process as smooth as possible.

Everything Apartments podcast focuses on all aspects of Multi-family apartment real estate investing, ownership, apartment management operations and re-investment through things like 1031 exchange. Real estate investment is something many thousands of people do, with many more desiring to do it. Apartments are a great doorway into real estate investing. But where to start? And how do you grow your knowledge once you have started. Your host, Eric Christopher, President of WSC Realty Advisors and WSC Property Management in Long Beach, CA is a 15-year veteran of apartment brokerage, management and apartment ownership. Basically, the last 15 years have been Everything Apartments! Real estate investors of all levels and experience are invited to join, educate and collaborate about a topic we all love! Eric J Christopher | WSC Realty Advisors Inc | 562-546-3550 | eric.christopher@wsc-pm.com 

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