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All Types of Coverage Through Triple-A Insurers Discounted and Now Available Exclusively to AAGLA Members – Get Your Free Quote Today!

Newfront Insurance and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles recently announced the launch of a member-only discounted insurance program for all types of coverages, including property, casualty, automotive and workers compensation. The program is being offered through Newfront Insurance, a leading, full-service brokerage with extensive expertise in the multifamily housing industry. Newfront’s lead agents each have over 30 years’ experience, and the company currently insures more than 30,000 rental housing units across California.

Newfront has leveraged the volume of coverage and its relationships to bring exclusive Apartment Association member discounts, including 5% discounts on apartment packages, which include Property, General Liability and Umbrella coverages and 5% discounts on Workers’ Compensation coverages.

 Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles members should go to to receive a free quote, which Newfront will turnaround in 48-hours or less, or members also call Newfront Directly at (855) 830-8954.

Why is This Important for Members, Especially Now?

Over much of the past 15 years, the insurance rates for apartments in California have remained relatively stable and at historic lows.  Property owners have benefited from the soft market for a long time.  That trend has changed and many apartment owners are now seeing increased premiums if not outright non-renewal. Carriers who were once the cornerstone of insuring apartment buildings in California are starting to non-renew more policies (if not outright refuse to do insure apartments in California) and/or are raising premiums in some cases 10% or more. The result for apartment owners: less competition in the marketplace with higher rates and deductibles.  More money, less coverage!

Property Insurance Coverage

Catastrophic events over the last five years around the world have created massive losses for the insurance industry. In the United States hurricanes in the gulf produced tens of billions in damage with hailstorms and tornadoes becoming a fact of life in the South and Midwest.  Closer to home, the wildfires in California have been devastating to Insurance Carriers.  Of course, the litigation environment here is California only further adds to the issue.

Another negative factor affecting the California insurance marketplace is a change in carriers’ underwriting appetites.  Older buildings and different zip codes have been targeted for non-renewal and premium increases. Crime Scores are being used to decline new business and to non-renew existing coverage.   Replacement cost values have been increased by 20%-40% on renewals.  This all adds up to fewer carriers to choose from and leaves the apartment owner facing higher premiums and deductibles for less coverage.

According to the International Risk Management Institute, insurance carriers who’ve stayed in the market raised their premiums in 2019 by about 10% for favorable properties.  Properties with catastrophic exposures were generally renewed at a 20% increase, and those with catastrophic losses renewed at a 50-100% increase. The higher premiums are in addition to the higher deductibles insureds have had to pay. Projections for 2020 show this trend to remain firmly in place.

General Liability Coverage

 General liability coverage protects your apartments from loss when there is an event for which your ownership entity is responsible for causing property or physical damage sustained by others.  The claims that can arise are innumerable, and in California there’s no limit on the amount a claimant can seek in a liability lawsuit. Claims can arise when a tenant twists their ankle in a pothole, faulty wiring causes a fire that destroys personal property inside an apartment dwelling, or when a hole in the roof causes flooding. All of these are cases for a claim and even though California doesn’t require businesses to have commercial general liability insurance, most lenders require it and it is included in the discounted Apartment Package program offered by Newfront Insurance and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.

Workers’ Compensation

 Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for the cost of medical care should employees (or independent contractors that don’t provide their own coverage) be injured or get sick at work or at your property, and it also covers related lost wages and death benefits to their dependents. Worker’s Compensation coverage also includes coverage for Employers Liability should an employee sue the employer for work related injuries such as punitive damages for pain and suffering.

In California, it is a criminal offense not to purchase workers’ compensation coverage if you have employees on payroll. Workers’ compensation is mandatory for all employers, even if the company only has one employee regardless of payroll and hours worked.  So, if you have a part time bookkeeper, maintenance person or pool cleaner, you must carry workers compensation.  It is also important to check that subcontractors working your properties have coverage in place, especially if you haven’t purchased it.

If you are in the market looking to renew or even if you are in the middle of a policy period, get a free quote through this member only, exclusive discounted insurance program.  Take advantage of the incredible discounts that are being made available to you just for being a member of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles.  Contact Newfront Insurance today and get your FREE QUOTE.  You will be glad you did!  Contact Newfront Insurance at or by calling Newfront Insurance directly at (855) 830-8954.


Remember, AAGLA members save 5% on Property, Liability, Umbrella and Workers Compensation premiums.  The process to get a quote could not be easier.  To take advantage of these exclusive membership savings, please go to or call (855) 830-8954