Local Election Recap: How Did AAGLA’s Endorsements Do?

Industry News,

We had some major successes on the State level with the defeat of Proposition 21 and on the local level with the defeat of Burbank’s rent control Ballot Measure RC. Also, locally, two of our candidate endorsements, Albert Vera for Culver City Council and Phil Brock for Santa Monica City Council, were elected. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles also endorsed Mayor Goran Eriksson of Culver City, the lone vote on that City Council against rent control, who is in a very close race. We are hopeful that the Mayor will maintain his seat on the Culver City Council.

While the local political landscape for 2021 presents many challenges, we will remain steadfast in our advocacy efforts.

Current election outcomes for Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors races and a number of other local races that were posted on the County of Los Angeles’ website at https://results.lavote.net/#year=2020&election=4193 are are reflected below. We will continue to monitor these local races and provide additional updates. Please also refer to the Los Angeles County link for a complete list of local Los Angeles County election outcomes. The local election outcomes are still not finalized, as a result the information noted below may be subject to further changes.

  • Los Angeles City Council
    • District 4 – David Ryu is likely to have lost his seat to Nithya Raman
    • District 10 – Mark Ridley-Thomas was elected
  • Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors – 2nd District: Holly J. Mitchell was elected.
  • Burbank City Council – There were open two seats won by Konstantine Anthony and Nick Schultz. Konstantine Anthony was the individual behind the local rent control ballot measure, known as Measure RC.
  • Burbank Ballot Measure RC – Due to our advocacy efforts as part of a coalition in opposition to Ballot Measure RC, the measure was defeated with 63.84% voting “No” based on early election results.
  • Culver City Council – There were three open seats of which two were won by Albert Vera and Yasmine-Imani McMorrin. For the remaining seat, Mayor Goran Eriksson and Freddy Puza are in a very close race, too close to call at this time. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles endorsed both Albert Vera and Mayor Goran Eriksson.
  • Culver City Ballot Measure B – The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles supported Measure B, which would have effectively repealed the Culver City Council’s recent adoption of a permanent rent control ordinance and required voter approval of any future rent control measure was unfortunately defeated with 54.65% voting “No” on the ballot measure based on early returns.
  • Pasadena Mayoral Runoff – The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles endorsed Mayor Terry Tornek. Unfortunately, it is likely that he lost his seat to Council Member Victor Gordo.
  • Santa Monica City Council – The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles endorsed Phil Brock, and he was elected.
  • West Hollywood City Council – There were two open seats and Sepi Shyne and John Erickson were elected. The two incumbents seeking reelection lost their seats. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles endorsed Larry Block and Council Member John Duran, who came in 4th and 5th in the race, respectively.

You can reach Danielle at danielle@aagla.org. These results are as of November 10, 2020.