Judicial Survey: Please Help Us Obtain Information About YOUR Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Matters

Industry News,
How did the Judge rate or perform in your latest Landlord / Attorney matter? Do you feel as though you received a fair hearing?

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles wants to hear from YOU and obtain your thoughts about the judicial performance of our local judges that hear and judge our unlawful detainer and other landlord / tenant cases. YOU can help us by providing information concerning your recent court experiences before local judges. We will not make the information we collect from you publicly available and will ensure no responses are ever attributable to either YOU or your representative respondent. This information may be used to seek disciplinary action for unqualified or unfair judges.

Please, if you are not an attorney, ask that the survey be completed by your legal representative. However, if you are unable to have your attorney or legal representative complete this survey information, please feel free to complete the information yourself.

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