Implosion of Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Commission Leaves Legislative Body Without Quorum

Industry News,

On Tuesday, April 5, 2021, two members of the City of Beverly Hills Rent Stabilization Commission abruptly resigned. Under the City’s Civil Code, following a resignation by a City Commissioner, Commission membership is terminated automatically. Although the next day both of the departing commissioners attempted to rescind their resignations, the City’s staff does not have the authority to reinstate the Commissioners’ terms. As a result, a planned Rent Stabilization Commission meeting had to be cancelled due to lack of a quorum, and future meetings will likely be cancelled until the matter is resolved.

Despite attempts to reach a spokesperson at the City, no explanation was given for the abrupt resignation of the two Commissioners. Although unsubstantiated, claims of collusion among the tenant representatives on the Commission and bias against the City’s landlords have been rumored resulting in the resignation of the two appointed tenant activists on the Commission. In the past, claims of bias against the City’s housing providers have been lodged against the City’s Rent Stabilization Department. Remaining members of the Rent Stabilization Commission and the Commission’s liaisons from the City Council have planned to meet in the coming weeks to discuss next steps.

According to the City’s website, the function of the Rent Stabilization Commission is, in part, to “act as advisory to the City Council in all matters which relate to rent stabilization ordinance…” Formed about two years ago, the Commission, which consists of six members, two renters, two housing providers and two independent representatives has had no impact on furthering the completion of the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, has been fraught with accusations of bias in favor of the City’s renters, and at six members, has no ability to break a tie-vote.