A Message from Apartment Association of Greater L.A. Executive Director, Daniel Yukelson

Posted By: Daniel M. Yukelson Industry News,

This week, the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles announced an unprecedented decision in our lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles seeking to overturn the County’s eviction moratorium. I am very pleased to announce that…WE WON!

A Federal District Court Judge granted our motion for Preliminary Injunction and has forced the County of Los Angeles to stop ALL enforcement of its eviction moratorium that has been in place and caused so much suffering among our members for nearly three years. The so called “temporary” measures put in place by the County in reaction to COVID-19 went way too far, and lasted way too long, and a Federal Court Judge agreed with our arguments. The Federal Court Judge agreed with our arguments and declared the County’s eviction moratorium unconstitutional.

Now we plan to move onto the next phase of our lawsuit where we hope to allow our members who had been harmed through the County’s ordinance, to recover lost rental income. In addition, we hope to be able to seek similar judgements against other local jurisdictions that had implemented similar, unconstitutional ordinances.

Your Help is Needed to Continue Our Litigation

Freedom is not “free.” California politics take money and resources, and lawsuits are expensive. Help the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles to continue to protect your property rights and to defeat harmful regulations. In order to win, it takes our collective effort and involvement, but most importantly, it takes a lot of money.  Please, I urge you – GIVE generously to the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles Legal Fund today at www.AAGLA.org/LegalFund.

Help us to continue the progress made so far by winning our lawsuit and having obtained a preliminary injunction against Los Angeles County. While we have put a STOP to the County’s eviction moratorium, there is a great deal more work to be done.

Besides our expansive services provided to rental property owners like you, the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles advocates on your behalf through litigation and our lobbying activities both locally and at the state level.  If you are not yet a member, please consider joining at www.AAGLA.org. Become a member and support our advocacy efforts. Just standing there on the sidelines won’t do you any good!

Do You Agree With Our Approach?

If you agree that one of the primary ways, perhaps the ONLY way, we can protect our interests as housing providers in California is by using the court system to overturn harmful regulations and bad government decisions, then please help the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles’s Legal Fund. As a small, but powerful organization, the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles can only fight back so long as we property owners provide funding and assist in its advocacy efforts by writing letters and emails and appearing at public meetings. We can and must show our strength in numbers and in the courtroom.

Again, please go online today at www.AAGLA.org/LegalFund and give generously.  The next step for the lawsuit is to seek compensatory damages from the County of Los Angeles and reimburse property owners like you for your COVID-19 losses. Give the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles the resources to win back some of the money we’ve all lost these past nearly three years under the County’s unconstitutional eviction moratorium.

Please…Your support is essential to the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles’ success and for the success of all property owners throughout California. Give today: www.AAGLA.org/LegalFund.


In conclusion, let me also say thank you to Jeffrey Faller, President of the Apartment Owners Association of California who equally shares in this week’s legal victory.

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