West Hollywood City Council to Discuss Expanding Rent Registration to ALL Rental Units

Industry News,

At the upcoming Monday, October 4th West Hollywood City Council meeting, the Council will consider directing staff to draft an ordinance expanding the City’s rent registration requirements to all rental units, requiring all units to re-register upon a new tenancy and for staff to also calculate a registration fee for those units (Agenda Item 2.Q). Currently, the City’s rent registration requirements apply only to units subject to the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO).

The Association is strongly opposed to rent registries and the City’s consideration of any further expansion to their existing rent registry. We have ongoing litigation in both the Cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills for their rent registries. Rent registries result in the disclosure of confidential information and impose financial and administratively burdensome requirements on small business rental housing providers.

To review the West Hollywood City Council agenda and related staff report on this matter, please click on the buttons below:

It is anticipated that this matter will be reviewed by the West Hollywood Rent Stabilization Commission (RSC) prior to a proposed ordinance being brought before the City Council.

We will continue to monitor this issue, express strong opposition to its advancement and provide further updates.