Severe Drought Conditions Exist: Reduce Water Usage or Pay the Price!

Industry News,

It’s no secret.  California is experiencing severe drought conditions, and we are likely to continue experiencing worsening drought conditions.  As a result, all California residents, rental housing providers and renters alike, must do their part to reduce water usage to conserve this precious resource.

Something as simple as a running toilet can waste 200 gallons of water an hour or 4,800 gallons every day.  Reducing the days and minutes of landscape watering, and installing low flow showerheads and toilets, can save a lot of water and ultimately save YOU money on your water bill.   As the drought worsens, water rates will likely rise costing rental housing providers like YOU more and more money.

Following our recent webinar on water conservation and reducing utility bills (November 4th), the City of Beverly Hills provided us with two “Multifamily Water Saving Tips” flyers, one for rental property owners and one YOU can give to your tenants.  PLEASE, take time to review both of these flyers and distribute the tenant flyer to your residents today.  For more information and water saving tips, go to

Interested in learning how you can charge your tenants for water usage even if your property is not separately metered, and even if you are subject to a local rent control ordinance?  Go to  LIVABLE is the smart utility company that saves you money and encourages conservation among tenants.