Santa Monica City Council Adopts Resolutions Establishing 5 Year Schedule of Water/Wastewater Rates

On Tuesday, January 28th, the Santa Monica City Council unanimously adopted resolutions to establish a five-year schedule of water and wastewater rate increases that are to be effective March 1, 2020. The rate increases will be applicable to both residential and commercial water and wastewater customers for calendar years 2020-2024.

The combined, estimated, bimonthly rate increases for single-family homes will be $37.00, for multifamily units $47.00, and for commercial buildings $86.00. The estimated $47 increase is calculated for an average eight-unit building’s bimonthly bill, which would equate to an increase of approximately $6.00 per unit.

Prior to the meeting, the Association submitted a letter expressing strong opposition to the proposed resolutions and related significant rate increases. Due to the City’s rent control limitations, currently capped at 2%, we emphasized that rental property owners have limited opportunity to recoup the increased costs set forth in the water and wastewater rate increase schedule and receive fair and reasonable returns on their investments. Further, we urged the Council to ensure that any additional costs for water and wastewater are assessed to and shared among the renters in the building who are the primary users of the water and beneficiaries of wastewater services.

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