Reminder to All City of L.A. Owners: Time for 2023 Business Tax Renewal

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In the City of Los Angeles, all businesses are required to file an annual tax renewal regardless of whether or not the business generated revenue for that tax year. Filing renewals timely avoids late penalties and fees and also ensures that you can take advantage of all available tax credits and incentives. Business tax exemptions, such New Business, Small Business with global gross receipts less than $100,000, and Creative Artists require timely filing of renewals. To renew businesses will need their 15-digit account number (e.g., format: XXXXXXXXXX-XXXX-X), business address street number, and business address zip code.

The City of Los Angeles’ Office of Finance offers two methods to file the Business Tax renewals.  Taxpayers are greatly encouraged to utilize the City’s eFiling system to file the required business tax renewals. The e-filing system will automatically calculate the business tax liability.  The City also offers businesses a mail-in option for their Business Tax renewal.