News Alert: Pasadena Appoints Members to Rental Housing Board

Posted By: Max Sherman Local News Alerts,

At its April 19th Special Meeting, which was only posted for public notice slightly more than 24 hours ’in advance of the meeting, the Pasadena City Council selected the 11 members of the City’s new Rental Housing Board. The 11-member Rental Housing Board is comprised of seven designated renter seats from each City Council district, four “at-large” seats that may be held by either renters or non-renters, and two alternate members consisting of one specially designated renter alternate and one at-large alternate. The Board holds considerable power as it is responsible for setting: (i) allowable rent increases, (ii) rental housing fees (solely to be paid by rental property owners), (iii) penalties, and (iv) establishing many of the procedures and timelines for implementation of the new rent stabilization ordinance.

The seven renter specific seats were appointed unanimously as a single group. Those individuals appointed include Emmanuel Najera (District 1), Dianne Romero Chavez (District 2), Brandon Lamar (District 3), Barbara Pitts (District 4), Yaneli Soriano Santiago (District 5), Ryan Bell (District 6), and Deborah Dunlop (District 7). Districts 1, 2, 4 and 6 will serve four-year terms while those from Districts 3, 5 and 7 will serve two-year terms. In addition, two of the four at-large seats were appointed to renters, which were filled by Adela Torres (District 3) and Allison Henry (District 3). In addition, the at-large alternate seat also went to a renter, Peter Dreier. The two at-large seats that went to non-renters were filled by Arnold Siegel (District 1) and Lourdes Gonzales (District 3). Ms. Gonzalez is the only rental housing owner on the 11-member Board.

Mayor Victor Gordo had recused himself from the meeting and from voting on appointees due to his ownership of rental property. Council Member Steve Madison highlighted the need for balanced representation on the board with appointees who are rental housing providers, but had opposed nomination of applicants who were plaintiffs in the lawsuit seeking to overturn Measure H.

AAGLA advocated for the appointment of rental housing providers for the 4 at large seats in an attempt to bring at least some balance to views of and decisions made by the Rental Housing Board although there is no way to alter the super majority held by renters on the Board. 

Unfortunately, there were few rental housing owners that attended and spoke at the City Council meeting, and the majority of speakers heard were renters and renter advocates.

It is anticipated that the Rental Housing Board will hold its first meeting on May 17th. AAGLA will monitor the activities of the Rental Housing Board, advocate for our members' interests, and provide updates on actions by the Board that affect our members.

This article is for informational purposes only. If you have any questions regarding your property or specific tenancies and the requirements of any local law changes described herein, please consult with an attorney.