News Alert: Important Update: Rent “Caps” Removed from Senate Bill 567 (Durazo)

Local News Alerts,

Those who had helped our advocacy efforts by responding to our “Calls to Action” on Senate Bill 567 have helped to achieve positive results so far! Good news!

While dozens of us from the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles and nearly 100 representatives from our fellow California Rental Housing affiliate associations throughout the state made calls on and held meetings with dozens of members of the State Assembly and State Senate this week to discuss priority proposed bills, and following hundreds of calls and emails sent by members, we were successful in amending Senate Bill 567.


Senate Bill 567 Before and After the Amendment

As originally proposed, Senate Bill 567 by María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) would have drastically reduced rent increases allowed under state law per Assembly Bill 1482 from a maximum of 10% to just 5% or the change in the Consumer Price Index, whichever would have been LESS. Even worse these rent “caps” would have been extended to single family homes and condominiums, which are exempt from any kind of rent control (state or local) under the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.

Additionally, Senate Bill 567 could impose just-cause eviction rules upon inception of tenancy rather than allowing for a waiting period of 12-months as allowed for properties under state rent stabilization rules (e.g., Assembly Bill 1482). Finally, Senate Bill 567 requires rental units to be held off the rental market for ten years under the Ellis Act.

Fortunately, the oppressive rent “caps” are being removed from Senate Bill 567! This is a HUGE win for those of us who provide rental housing to Californians!

While amendments are not yet publicly available, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve the bill with amendments that remove the rent “caps” and other anti-housing requirements. Senate Bill 567 now advances to the Senate Appropriations Committee where we will have another opportunity to further defeat or substantially fix the bill. Still of concern are the provisions eliminating the 12-month waiting period allowed under state rent control law before just cause eviction rules are effective, and the 10-year Ellis Act period.

As always, we will keep our members apprised of breaking news concerning all harmful regulations at all levels of government.


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