Member Spotlight: DANIEL SHARABI – AAGLA Vendor / Supplier Member for Two Years

Industry News,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the Chief Executive Officer of Livable, Daniel Sharabi, to discuss the growth of his business and long-standing strategic relationship with the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA). “It didn’t take long after joining to realize that it makes sense to work together,” Sharabi commented. Daniel started as a member of AAGLA over two years ago and quickly recognized the exclusive benefits of becoming involved with the Association.

Livable is a Utility Management Platform for both residential and commercial property stakeholders. The foundation of Livable is based on a smart billing software company with products designed to save money as well as the environment. Livable’s goal is to provide clients with a simple way to recover utility costs, increase the value of their investment, and build community around conservation ( Sharabi explains, “The reason for Livable’s existence is to help housing providers and property managers recover on rising utility costs.”

The association with Livable provides AAGLA members with an essential network of services, expertise, and credibility to assist property management and the housing industry.  AAGLA provides its members with a variety of educational events and resources, including expert management and operational advice. Likewise, Livable offers an accessible program for rental providers to elevate and streamline their property management process. These tools and resources create effective business practices.

Livable was created to assist rental housing providers by allowing them to save money on utilities and encourage conservation by renters.  Livable provides property owners with a cutting-edge software platform to track usage.  “This software platform is packaged and presented to set your rent, how you take care of your property, how you charge them for pet fees, parking, utilities, and all these supplemental items that come with the living experience. It’s a matter of reconciling things with your business. At the end of the day, it is your business. We should remain steadfast in our conviction to house people and take care of people. Of course, we have to conduct business, but it should be secondary, it shouldn’t be the first mission,” Sharabi advised in relation to the current atmosphere between rental housing providers and their tenants.

The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles takes pride in the relationships we develop with our vendor / supplier members, which are cultivated to expand our network and enhance the resources available to our members that are rental housing providers. Daniel Sharabi shared the same sentiment and described the benefits of working with AAGLA in our recent interview. “I respect the Association’s fierce commitment to the wellbeing of its members. They go above and beyond to keep us all informed, while making sure our interests are well represented in Sacramento. Most importantly, the team genuinely cares, and is fun to be around!” Sharabi exclaimed. Daniel also recognized AAGLA’s efforts in coordinating events to increase awareness of the industry’s progress.  Sharabi stated, “The Installation Dinner and events provide an opportunity to get in a room with members and establish a rapport.”

Gloria Lee is the Coordinator, Membership Communications & Events at the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. If you would like to be featured in the next issue of Apartment Age, please contact Gloria Lee by email at