Join Us for the Fall 2022 Income Property Management Expo (IPME)

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Exploring Investment Opportunities in Alternative Housing This October 18th!

For more than a decade, the Income Property Management Expo (IPME) has provided property owners, managers, investors, and real estate professionals with the information they require to succeed in this ever-changing real estate market. With the increased demand for rental housing, an unprecedented rate of inflation, rising interest rates, and pandemic-driven regulatory issues, now is the time to gather with peers and get the professional advice and strategies you need to succeed.  With the pandemic almost completely behind us, it’s now time to gather in person, be reinvigorated, get back to work; and learn how to navigate the new real estate market landscape. IPME attendees will discover the secret to getting their power back as property owners and leverage strategies to become more successful investors.

IPME is the largest, most important annual property management expo and conference focusing on the Greater Los Angeles Area.  IPME will allow you to explore new investment opportunities within alternative and affordable housing trends like Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), Modular Housing, and Micro Apartments. In fact, there will be interactive alternative home solutions featuring tiny home builders, plus other livable solutions. Featured guest speakers will provide an update on the impact of COVID-related restrictions, rent control and proposed legislation, capital improvements and ADA Compliance, and tenant screening and fair housing. IPME speakers will offer fresh strategies so attendees can get back into the game of making informed real estate decisions.

“To me, the Income Property Management Expo is and has always been the ‘must attend’ event for members of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles who want to hear from important leaders in the rental housing business, meet hundreds of vendors who serve our industry and interact with thousands of investors and peers”, said Daniel Yukelson, Executive Director of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. Yukelson will be a speaker at the event as well.

Beyond the emphasis on alternative housing, IPME will provide access to innovative and affordable products, services, and free education pertaining to investment strategy, changes in legislation, cost-effective maintenance, management and operation of rental housing, multifamily, and commercial properties. Travis Watson, President of Apartment News Publications, was enthusiastic about the show he sponsors, “Our expo and conference this past March had set new attendance records, and we expect the renewed level of engagement to continue into the October 18th expo with new guest speakers and features, like our ADU and “Tiny Home” exhibits which will highlight future investment opportunities and more. Expo attendees will experience a full day of interactive seminars, groundbreaking real estate strategies, and over 100+ products and service exhibits as well as networking opportunities.” Travis continued: “October’s expo will also feature wine tasting sponsored by the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles and led by a famous, Santa Barbara County winemaker from Fiddlehead Cellars.”

The expo and conference truly is a day packed with well-known speakers Rent Control, Tax-Deferred Investment Opportunities and Strategies, Estate Planning, ADA Compliance, Tenant Retention, new investment strategies with ADUs and mobile homes, and so much more. Watson continued “It’s a day that will provide immediate dividends for you and your P&L, and entry to this show is free!”

To help motivate, re-energize, and educate IPME showgoers, speaker presentations will include leading ADU and retrofit experts like Helen Fower and David Tashroudian, multi- family industry professionals Daniel Yukelson, Executive Director of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. Michael Brennan, Esq. of Brennan Law Firm; Dennis Block, Esq. of Dennis Block & Associates, and Rusty Tweed of TFS Properties, among others will tackle the thorny tax and real estate challenges we all face. Additional distinguished first-time speakers like Christy Kim of Engineering & Science, Elizabeth Reynolds of Reynolds Realty Advisors, and Orrin Barrow Kay Properties & Investments will bring their property expertise to the show.

May 2022 IPME showgoer and investor Cindi S. said, “IPME shot out of a cannon with its May show, I can’t wait to attend the October show, new issues, new and familiar speakers along with more informative strategies any real estate investor can use… I’m ready for IPME!”

Beyond a full slate of speakers and seminars, the exhibition hall is loaded with relevant vendors, showcasing products, services, live demonstrations, and interactive displays that are designed to help you build and manage your real estate investments easier. Such products and services include the latest in management software, analysis tools, energy systems, lighting, roofing, safety equipment, financial and tax planning, lending, tenant screening and insurance, tax, and legal services to improve property performance and reduce operating costs. And yes, ADU, Tiny and Mobile Home investment strategies and information. These are professionals helping professionals do their job better.

“Usually, I try not to make eye contact with exhibitors when I go to conferences, but with IPME, I make a beeline to several booths that have proven to be a boon to my business”, said Teresa R. a recent attendee. Attendees are always impressed by the information they gather from IPME, including tips for practical application to their everyday management and operations. The sessions and exhibits not only provide solutions, but present strategies and legal content that users can use and implement immediately. Many of these presentations are standing room only. Topics covered include the top property management issues such as the increase in single-family rentals, consolidation in the industry, additional regulation, supply chain shortages and alternative housing trends like ADUs, Tiny and Mobile Homes, to name a few.

With COVID pandemic hopefully behind us, IPME has brought out the big guns with speakers, exhibits, and interactive displays to help navigate this post-pandemic world. It’s time to get back to the business of real estate investing and management. Yukelson is energized and ready to go, as well. “I encourage every income property investor and property manager to join us and to engage with the housing industry at large,” he said.

Property Management Expo & Exhibition (IPME) will be held on Tuesday, October 18th at the Pasadena Convention Center in Exhibit Halls A and B, from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Admission is free. Seminar seating is limited. Interested exhibitors may call Jordan Smith at (800) 931-6666 or email For information, pre-registration, and conference agenda updates, please visit


The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA), Apartment News Publications, Inc., California Association of Housing Authorities (CAHA), Apartment Age Magazine and Apartment Management Magazine are industry partners for this event.