Got AAGLA Tenant Screening? It is the Most Comprehensive Data at the Best Price…Period! End of Story

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If you are not using AAGLA Screening (, you and your tenants may be paying way too much for credit reports and background screening and not getting all the information you need to properly assess your applicants.

The Benefits of Using AAGLA Screening

As an AAGLA member, you know how crucial it is to know as much as you possibly can about any prospective tenant before agreeing to rent to them. To do this, you must utilize the best screening application that is available to you. That is why so many members are using AAGLA Screening (  Once you have placed your first landlord screening order with AAGLA Screening, AAGLA members quickly see the difference AAGLA Screening offers with its wide range of services offered by no other tenant screening services.

How is AAGLA Screening Different?

In comparison to other tenant screening companies, only AAGLA Screening offers all of the following benefits while others may not:

  • Selection among three low priced packages. With three options ranging from $25 to $35, you can choose the scope of the screening you wish to purchase. For just $29, AAGLA Screening’s popular mid-priced Plus Package will provide you with all of the reports listed below:
  • Credit report and score provided by all three major credit reporting bureaus—TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.
  • Nationwide Criminal Records
  • Nationwide Eviction Reports
  • Lease Guarantee up to $10,000 of protection and Lease Guarantee Analyzer. See below for more detailed discussion of Lease Guarantee.
  • Landlord or Tenant Pays – its your choice! Adverse Decision Letter prepopulated for you to print or email to applicants you decline.
  • Exclusive optional add-on reports. Although AAGLA Screening has set up 3 standard packages for you, we can create a custom package upon request.

Landlords can make their search stronger with the following ala carte background screenings that are offered exclusively by AAGLA Screening:

  • Tax Lien Records—These records are no longer automatically included in credit reports
  • Civil Lawsuits—These records are no longer automatically included in credit reports
  • Employment Verification—Confirm your prospective tenant’s employment status
  • Landlord Reference—Learn exactly what kind of tenant your applicant is
  • Check-Writing History (Telecheck®)—Does your applicant write bad checks?

Exclusive Lease Guarantee and Security Deposit Alternative

Lease Guarantee provides payment of all unpaid rent, damages, legal fees, and costs owed by a tenant to their landlord when a court judgment is rendered in favor of the property owner. The Lease Guarantee contract, which is valid for one year and covers all individuals on the lease agreement, can be paid for by the landlord, qualified tenant, or both.  Many landlords utilize Lease Guarantee as a security deposit alternative and the coverage is renewable annually. Protection can range from $1,000 to $10,000 per new lease beginning at just $199 per year. Each credit report includes the Lease Guarantee Analyzer which will tell you if your applicant qualifies for the program.

Other Important Benefits

These additional important benefits are only offered by AAGLA Screening:

  • Live, Responsive Customer Service. Call AAGLA Screening at (866) 272-8400 and quickly connect directly with a live representative who can assist you in setting up your account, placing an order and even help you analyze report results. AAGLA Screening has consistently received 5-Star reviews for our superior telephone customer service.
  • Unlimited Properties and Users. Add all your rental properties to your account. Assign unique user permissions, usernames and passwords so your employees can view only the reports they order for the properties they manage.
  • Instant Results for Underwritten Members at Reduced Prices. Save money and see your screening results immediately without the need for tenant email verification. Once approved, owners will receive instant credit reports at checkout. Underwriting is especially recommended for owners of 10+ units. To become underwritten, simply register a free account at and send in the required documents that indicate you own or manage rental units. (The documents required will depend on whether you are individual owner, large private company, property management company or real estate broker.) Once documentation is received, AAGLA Screening will notify you to set up an inspection of your office location to ensure that it is secure. The inspection fee is only $59.
  • Free Landlord Guide. This complimentary digital landlord guide covers everything owners need to know about tenant screening and choosing your prospective renters. It will assist owners in completing the necessary due diligence from application to signing of a lease agreement.

AAGLA Screening is an established expert in our industry and our customer service team can answer your questions today regarding any product we offer. We are ready to provide you with the 5-Star service members have come to rely upon for their tenant screening services.  If you are using another tenant screening service, then SWITCH TODAY! Use AAGLA Screening to save money and receive the most comprehensive credit reports and background checks while you support the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles at the same time.  For more information, go to or call today at (866) 272-8400.