City of Los Angeles Planning and Land Use Management Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Me

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Owners of Property in Coastal Zone Areas May Be Impacted

On Tuesday, November 30th at 2:00 p.m., the Los Angeles City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee will hold a public hearing to discuss a proposed ordinance for the potential implementation of the State’s Mello-Roos Act (City Council File 15-0129-S1).

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The Mello-Roos Act was adopted by the California State Legislature in 1982 with the objective of maintaining and increasing the quantity of affordable residential dwelling units within the California coastal zones. The Mello-Roos Act regulates the demolition, conversion, and construction related to existing and the building of new dwelling units within the coastal zone.

Since 2000, the City of Los Angeles has complied with the Mello-Roos Act requirements through the establishment of interim administrative procedures. In 2015, the City began considering the establishment of a permanent local ordinance.

At the upcoming PLUM Committee meeting, the Committee will conduct a public hearing to discuss and potentially advance a draft ordinance for the City Council’s consideration. The draft ordinance would establish permanent regulations for demolition, conversion, and new construction projects of dwelling units within the coastal zone and includes an application and review process and requirements for proposed projects affecting existing or construction of new dwelling units. Among the requirements is the “one-for-one” replacement of affordable residential dwelling units.

The draft ordinance defines Coastal Zone Communities “as established by the Coastal Act of 1976, those portions of the Brentwood-Pacific Palisades, Venice, Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey, Westchester-Playa del Rey, San Pedro, and WilmingtonHarbor City Community Plan areas that are located within the Coastal Zone. These Coastal Zone areas are aggregated into the following Communities: Pacific Palisades (a portion of the Brentwood-Pacific Palisades Coastal Zone areas); Venice (a portion of the Venice, PalmsMar Vista-Del Rey, and Westchester-Playa del Rey Coastal Zone areas); San Pedro (a portion of the San Pedro Coastal Zone areas), and Wilmington (a portion of the Wilmington-Harbor City Coastal Zone areas.”

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We encourage members with properties in the coastal zone areas to review the proposed ordinance, consider providing public comment at the November 30th public hearing via telephone, or submitting written comments by mail to the City Clerk, Room 395, City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, or via the Public Comment Portal:  If you are submitting written comments via mail or through the public comment portal, please include the Council File number 15-0129-S1. If you would like to offer public comment during the meeting, call 1 669 254 5252 and use Meeting ID No. 161 644 6631 and then press #. Press # again when prompted for participant ID. Once admitted into the meeting, press *9 to request to speak.