Beverly Hills City Council Votes to Eliminate Evictions Based on Major Remodel

Posted By: Max Sherman Industry News,

At its January 3rd meeting, the Beverly Hills City Council voted to adopt, on first reading, an ordinance amending the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) to eliminate the option for owners to issue tenancy terminations for the purpose of conducting major renovations on their properties. 

Prior to the meeting, the Association submitted a letter to the City Council expressing our strong opposition to the adoption of the ordinance and the rushed vote by the Council to remove this important option for housing providers after the issue had sat dormant for more than two and half years from the time that it was first recommended by the City’s Rent Stabilization Commission (RSC). With approximately half of the City’s housing stock more than 70 years old, we urged the City Council to maintain this currently permissible ground for eviction and to focus on advancing policies that encourage property owners to conduct vital upgrades and rehabilitation to their buildings which supports the preservation of the City’s aging housing stock.

As a procedural matter, the ordinance must be voted on a second time prior to its adoption. It is anticipated that it will be voted on and adopted at next City Council meeting on January 24, 2023.