A Message from AAGLA’s Executive Director: Sometimes It Can Be the Little Things That Count in Life

Industry News,

It is, sometimes, the little things that make one take notice. Just the other day, it was a long-time member of the Apartment Association, a gracious daughter and generous person that caught my attention and caused me to take notice. This one member, who time and time again, has volunteered for interviews via podcasts, television, radio and newspapers to explain her plight and suffering as a rental housing provider, yes as a “landlord,” being harmed by ill-conceived regulations such as Los Angeles’ eviction moratorium. Very early on as the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles began contemplating the filing of a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles, this same wonderful member had been one of the very first to volunteer to be named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Sadly, this member is financially strapped and is struggling to keep her and her 70-something year old father afloat. A few months ago, she lost her fulltime job and at the very same time, the tenants in her father’s 5-unit apartment building stopped paying all or a portion of their rent (and have since stopped paying entirely). Her father has since depleted his savings and has been struggling on his limited Social Security income to pay the mortgage and make ends meet at the building and for his needs. Unfortunately, due to the job loss, his daughter cannot assist him financially other than with the limited unemployment income she had received. She has now moved into the building with her father.

Despite her and her father’s financial turmoil, through it all she has somehow scraped together a contribution to the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles’ Legal Fund in the amount of $35. Just a few months ago, she had generously contributed of $50. She believes in us and the lawsuit that has been filed against the City of Los Angeles, which is hoped to provide some relief to rental property owners now struggling following months of unpaid rent, lost jobs or even infliction with the Coronavirus. It is for this reason, the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles must, and we are committed to, taking our legal case against the City of Los Angeles’ eviction moratorium and rent increase frees all the way across the finish line. As headway is made against the City of Los Angeles, then we may turn to other cities such as Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and many, many others.

Our crusade against the tyranny of injustice and unfair rent regulations is justified. Please help us and give what you can to support our fight and save us from what might be a terrible plight. Please give what you can and contribute today at https://aagla.org/legalfund/. Please help us to protect your property rights. Please also help us advocate by writing letters, appearing at public hearings and by agreeing to be a plaintiff in our lawsuit. Help us so we can help you!

If one member struggling with her 70-year-old father to make ends meet can find a way to contribute, others can too. Again, please make a contribution today to the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles Legal Fund at https://aagla.org/legalfund/.